Another look at Landscape

After last nights class there was an idea for me to try. It is where you take a picture which can be mirrored (So the picture can be flipped over sideways). Having an image which I’ve taken not that long ago in mind. I was able to straighten the picture because is wasn’t going to line up nicely. Then I added a moon because it wasn’t good to start with. It looked more like a light (touch). So I was able to do this….

Then mirror them again from underneath (It looks like a reflection on water).

Now I’ve got the four Images, I was able to put them together.                                                  So here is my first attempt…

4way mirror copy.jpg

I do think I was lucky because the post with a fire basket on top was easier to match up having it in silhouette.

After the class finished we all noticed the sunset was very nice with some great colours. I had a camera in the car (which is always there just incase…). I got in the car and started driving and I took a picture from my side of the window and this is what they look like….

Then I put the camera on the dash and having it at a slow shutter speed I took these…

I did crop the dash board and think I like the first one, because it has less shake from the road (Pot-holes).


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